Welcome to UYB

Welcome to Union Youth Baseball (UYB).

UYB started in 1990 to provide children in Union and the surrounding areas with a safe and organized environment to learn how to play baseball and softball in a recreational atmosphere. UYB has grown rapidly, with thousands of boys and girls playing baseball on hundreds of teams.

We offer both Spring and Fall seasons. Our seasons generally run as follows:

Spring, early March to early June.
Fall, early September to late October.

Teams generally play 12 games in the Spring season and 10 games in the Fall season, generally 2 games a week. Weeknight games begin no earlier than 5:30 pm, with the last game starting around 8:00. Times vary by age group, with the younger age groups (5 and 6) playing the earlier games. Saturdays are big at UYB! Almost every team plays, with the first games usually starting at 9:00 am.

UYB does not schedule recreation games on Sundays. However, due to inclement weather and the limited number of playing fields, we reserve the right to schedule makeup games to start no earlier than 1:00 pm on Sundays.

Practice days and times are determined by each team’s head coach. Teams generally have about three planned activities (practices and/or games) each week.

Coaches try to consult with parents regarding practice days and times, but due to the limitations on fields and our “field practice lottery,” coaches are constrained on their flexibility of practice times. We ask that you work with your coaches and understand that they may not always be able to accommodate every family’s schedule.